Partners with Purpose

At Bitter Grace, we are committed to doing our part to treat our planet with kindness, encourage a community-oriented life, and lift each other up. This is why we are meticulous when choosing who we work with and the collections we curate. All of our partners share our vision and focus on sustainability, supporting the community around them and empowering others.

Below, take a look at some of our partnerships and their conscious approach to fashion & purposeful living.


- Brands We Are Proud to Carry -

Upcycle Movement Ambassadors. Platform for Talented Artisans in Africa.


With sustainability in mind, MAILLOT pronounced [m ä y o], celebrates responsible recycling of textiles, traditional handicrafts, and modern designs while creating minimal waste. They do not follow the traditional seasonal fashion model. Instead, they create permanent unisex collections to which new items of handmade one-offs are added throughout the year.

Established in 2019, to address both the growing crisis of fashion over-production and to bring awareness to African crafts with traditional beading as a sustainable practice for the future, the brand aims to focus on re-interpreting recycled military outerwear and handpicked vintage mixed with African craft.


MAILLOT works collaboratively with artisan communities in Kenya, Cameroon, to create income-generating opportunities for women. More specifically, the brand works closely with the women from the Bangoulap village in the west region of Cameroon and the Maasai Mara in Kenya - to show how contemporary these ancient techniques can be. MAILLOT wants to show how beading can be translated into modern luxury design and give a platform to talented artisans.

Sustainable. Committed to Education. Promotes Nepal’s Fine Craftsmanship.


Tamasha-Knit was founded by three sisters in the US, creating a brand that promotes Nepal's fine craftsmanship and offers premium quality knitwear. Sustainability plays a vital role. The team at Tamasha-Knit goes above and beyond to conserve energy and water (installing solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and rainwater harvesting). Over the years, they have minimized lead times and raw material wastage by 35%.


Yes, the quality & craftsmanship of all Tamasha-Knit pieces are exceptional, but what is remarkable is their empowering mission investing in hands-on training & continued education for their workforce, which is mostly women. The way they see it - when you employ & educate a woman, she educates her entire family. Today, over 65 percent of the workforce comprises women with flexible work schedules.

View the latest Tamasha-Knit looks in our online boutique here.

Handcrafted Jewelry. Ethically Sourced Materials. Supporting Local Artisans.


Martha is a Brooklyn-based designer from Monterrey, Mexico. Grounded in her roots, she makes beautifully handcrafted pieces that are ethically sourced, helping artisan communities in Mexico find a meaningful way of earning an income. Founder Martha Cristina dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer since the age of 11 when she visited Taxco, a small jewelry town in Mexico. She draws her inspiration from Mexico’s culture and traditions, her travels, and all the things that bring her joy and comfort. She donates 11% of her profits to causes close to her heart.


Bitter Grace and Martha Cristina did their first collaboration at the Bitter Grace Pop-Up Event in March 2020. Martha works with Bitter Grace to customize beautiful and special pieces unique to Bitter Grace’s aesthetic. Together they look to expand the Bitter Grace x Martha Cristina Collection for the Bitter Grace Washington D.C. boutique.

View the latest Martha Cristina artful pieces here.

Versatile. Female-led Team. Sustainable Manufacturing.


Cami NYC was created to give every woman the perfect staple piece to compliment her wardrobe while refining her everyday style. In 2013, Founder & CEO Samantha Steen conceptualized the brand after an impossible search for the perfect silk camisole. With a focus on versatility, Cami NYC was designed to empower all women to look and feel their best, no matter the occasion.


We love brands that keep versatility top of mind & embrace female leadership. Cami HQ consists of a small, close-knit female-led team. This has helped create an empowering and supportive environment that is felt throughout the pieces in their collection. Additionally, Cami NYC follows a sustainable manufacturing process called BLUESIGN. BLUESIGN is a system that provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in.

Timeless Styles. Quality Finish. GOTS Certified.


In 1995, the concept for REPEAT Cashmere was born in Geneva, Switzerland, when the price of cashmere knitwear was exceedingly high; the intention was to create a line of cashmere sweaters that were equally luxurious but at an affordable price. Since the beginning, REPEAT’s goal was to create fashion that focuses on offering timeless styles with the highest possible quality and finish.


REPEAT Cashmere brings modernity and enduring classics together with grace. REPEAT Cashmere has always been highly conscious of the social and ethical aspects of its business. With an extensive collection & focus on organic and sustainable knitwear, REPEAT aims to provide choice and ease of mind when buying a cashmere garment.

The organic garments from REPEAT Cashmere are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. This certification guarantees that raw materials are organically sourced, and the factories follow ecological and sustainable production processes. The latter is essential, as clothing from organic materials can still be produced in a non-ecological way. Therefore, having both raw materials, as well as the production processes certified, is still rare in the industry.

View the latest REPEAT Cashmere looks in our online boutique here.

Vegan. Eco-friendly. Ethically Sourced.


Back in 2015, Lauren Criswell , founder & certified yoga instructor, was trying to find a yoga mat that was non-toxic and eco friendly, non-slip and was also compact and lightweight enough for commuting or on-the-go; and she realized it didn't exist. So, she decided to invent it herself!

After years of prototypes and countless product testing, the Gypsy Jet Setter™ Yoga Mat came to life in 2017. Gypsy Jet Setter’s yoga mat is the first ethically sourced and eco-friendly yoga mat composed of non-slip, anti-bacterial, vegan, and non-toxic materials. This yoga mat is travel friendly and packable, making it easier to do yoga anywhere and everywhere.


Bitter Grace met Lauren in the summer of 2020 shortly before the opening of the first Bitter Grace Washington, D. C. boutique. Gypsy Jet Setter™ Yoga and Bitter Grace have partnered on a special exclusive collection, only available through Bitter Grace.

Sustainable. Safe Cashmere Goat Ranching. Certified.


Founded in 2004, the name Alashan refers to an area of western Inner Mongolia Province, China. The Alashan region, through a combination of climactic, geographic and dietary conditions, is the literal home to the world's finest cashmere and camel hair. The yarn used for the 100% cashmere topper poncho we love so much at the Bitter Grace Boutique is sustainable because the same goats are sheered every year.  


Based in Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C. and the Bitter Grace Boutique, Alashan uses “one of the finest cashmere production cooperatives in western Inner Mongolia. The cooperative is designed to promote a prosperous lifestyle for the herders of the Otogbanner region through healthy, sustainable, and safe cashmere goat ranching. We all benefit when the raw material producers are earning a good living by practicing safe and humane goat raising standards.”

Also, Alashan factory has achieved the following certifications: Aid By Trade Foundation certification for Sustainable Cashmere Standards, BLUESIGN certification, Oeko-Tex & Wrap certification.

View the latest Alashan Cashmere looks in our online boutique here.

Self-Care Essentials. Sustainable. Handcrafted.


Bexar Soap Co. offers beautifully handcrafted and sustainable soaps, organic sugar scrubs, natural bath bombs, natural lotions, lip balms, and many other infused self-care essentials. As a dedication to the city owner Jennifer Williams is from (Bexar County, San Antonio, TX,) and her family, Bexar Soap Co. (pronounced Bear) was born. The brand was inspired after four years living “chemical free”. Bexar Soap Co. creates custom scents and handcrafted soaps for Bitter Grace.


Bitter Grace met J.C. Williams (Jennifer Williams), owner of Bexar Soap Co., at a local event in Washington D.C. in January 2020. Since then, they have become dear friends and have partnered together to combine their love for clothing and self-care essentials.

Think It, Feel it, Do It, and You Will Attract It

- Partners We Love to Work With -

Inspiring Leadership. Confidence Inspiring Coach. Self-Image Educator.


Turn It On is a long-time partner that helps ensure that every Team Member at Bitter Grace is successful: providing coaching, training, and leadership opportunities as well as ensuring that each Team Member’s goals are considered and prioritized.


Founder Natalie Iannone brings 15+ years of leadership and people service experience. She is an IPEC graduate and certified coach. With her keen intuition and skills in leadership development, Natalie performs as a confidant, coach, mentor, educator, and strategist. Aside from her leadership coaching abilities, her unwavering ability to connect deeply with others is her most celebrated gift that sets her apart from most.

Bitter Grace offers a holistic approach to style confidence by offering unique and personalized services that aim to empower people to wear clothing that reflects the new image or person they aspire to be. Natalie will be working alongside Bitter Grace in the Washington D.C. boutique to conduct recurring workshops on the power and importance of our self-image and sharing the necessary tools and resources to strengthen or adjust this paradigm.

Creative Designer. Intentional. Visionary.


Jane Fish is the founder and chief creator at Mindful Marketing & Web Design. She is a visual storyteller and believes in the concept of Heart-led Marketing. She traded in a corporate floor-to-ceiling-window office life to help passionate business owners transform their message, get clear, and elevate their branding to reflect their voice & identity.


Anne Marie & Jane Fish have been working side by side to create content that enriches & inspires the Bitter Grace reader through intentional blogs, website pages, social media, and thoughtful surprises you will see throughout the boutique.

For a dose of inspiration right now, head on over to our IG Page.

Bringing Art to Life. Photography. Videography.


Noel Ryan (J. Noel) and Ryan Azia are two creatives that are multi talented in art, design, creative direction, photography, and videography. J.Noel is an accomplished photographer and videographer that has worked extensively in the political, advertisement, and travel realm. Ryan Azia is a contemporary artist, designer, and creative director. Together they combine their skills to specialize in documentary and biopic work, special events, and other projects.


Anne Marie began working with J.Noel and Ryan Azia when she launched the Bitter Grace campaign in 2020, highlighting impactful women who are making a positive impact in their communities. Anne Marie wanted to share their stories, knowledge, and wisdom with others so they can feel empowered to Do More and Be More. Anne Marie sat down with each of them to learn about their purpose and personal missions, while also enjoying a day of glam and personal styling.

To learn more about the “Women of Style & Grace: Confidence Society,” click here.

“Individually we are one drop; but together we are an ocean.”

- Ryunosoke Satoro