Our Mission

Bitter Grace is a collection of thoughtfully hand-selected sophisticated, timeless, and everyday pieces that are scrutinized to meet our high standards for style, fit, and quality materials. We care about comfort chic. We want you to feel comfortable, beautiful, loved and accepted in our clothes. We want to remind you how special you truly are so you are free to flow in every which way and direction you need to be. Through our loving clothes, we seek to connect women in greater sisterhood and womanhood, for the empowerment and joy of all. We seek to encourage a truly community-oriented life in today’s society and to continue to move women forward.


We empower women to follow their passions, to realize their self-worth and potential, and to love themselves a bit more every day – a movement we call #DoMoreBeMore #BitterGrace in which we inspire women to do more to be extraordinary. It is the framework of our philanthropy in which we use fashion as a medium to unite women all over the community and promote service to those in need. We have partnered with Doorways, an organization in the Washington DC area, that fosters an environment that helps women and families achieve better lives. Ten percent of each sale, as well as proceeds from our annual Self-Care Retreat, goes toward supporting their mission. Together, with the support of our customers and partners, we help women and families rebuild their lives and regain their confidence.