Our Story

At times, life may be bitter, tough, heavy, and hard. Whether it be from an absentee parent in your life, a pained relationship with your only parent, immigration to a foreign country whose language and culture are far from your own, poverty in forging your new life, social isolation from being so different, toxic relationships with people who take advantage of you, the constant invalidation of your self-worth, debilitating loneliness, or all of the above – know that there always comes grace. I, too, have endured these bitter storms and “Bitter Grace” is a reminder to all of us that we can learn to take the positives from our painful experiences and turn them into opportunities for growth. You are stronger, bolder, and fiercer than you know. You are stronger, bolder, and fiercer than yesterday. And you will be stronger, bolder, and fiercer tomorrow. Your story is the grace that will endure and empower forever.

With love, kindness, warmth, and sisterhood,

Anne Marie Johnson, Founder of Bitter Grace Boutique