Suspend your Disbelief on Style

Style is personal. It’s a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, the many roles we play in our everyday lives, and the image we want to express outwardly to those around us. Style is always evolving as we grow and learn more about ourselves and what we truly want in life.

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever admired someone else’s style, but feel like it’s not for you?

Admiration is an insight to what you truly want for yourself…or a part of you that you haven’t yet embraced.

Here’s a story that seemed trivial at first, but profound.

I was in my store one day and got locked out after exiting the backdoor for a moment. I saw the back door of the suite next to us propped open so I went in. I proceeded to let folks inside know who I am to avoid confusion, letting them know that I simply needed another way to get back into my own store through their main front entrance.

As I was approaching the front main entrance, a lovely young woman complimented me on my outfit and I graciously thanked her, letting her know it’s from our very own clothing collection. I then asked her “have you been inside our store?” She responded, “No, it’s intimidating in there…it’s so fancy.” She shared that she didn’t believe she could pull off the same look which I then proceeded to let her know, “you absolutely can rock this...anyone can!”

To give you a visual of what I was wearing….I was wearing a matching set - a ruffled pant with an elastic waistband and a matching button down shirt of the same color (light beige) that I styled with a front knot so I didn’t have to tuck in the extra fabric. I was wearing pieces that were non-trendy, minimal, and frankly styles you would think aren’t anything “particularly special” if you saw them hanging on a hanger. The pieces I wore are pieces you would see millions of other people wearing, regardless of age and personal style or aesthetic. I walked away from the conversation perplexed. It got me on this curious train and started asking myself…why? What would make her think this way? Why would she think and feel this way about her?

While style can be fun and empowering to some, it can sometimes generate negative emotions for others that can leave them feeling disempowered, insecure, and/or in disbelief depending on our conditioning and lived experience. Style is incredibly important in our ability to create our desired reality because embodiment is a huge part of that journey and process. If we’re not doing the inner work and we’re unclear on what we truly want to achieve for ourselves, how could we possibly even begin to imagine or envision expressing ourselves differently? You have to be able to see yourself being a certain way that’s in accordance with your goals and aspirations in order for the change you want to transpire. You have to be able to identify with that part of you that you admire from afar or from someone else.

If you can envision and see it, it’s possible.

There’s something inside of you (call it your higher self) that desperately wants to shine boldly and radiantly. She is wanting you to claim and embrace that part of you that desperately wants to be expressed in a way that helps you feel expanded and to tap into the gifts and talents that only YOU can share in this world.

Be curious, challenge the thoughts that don’t align with the future vision of yourself, and go out there with strength and courage to BE the person you were meant to be in this world.

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