Inner Elegance Circle

Inner Elegance is the infinite energy that is always ever present in you. It is the constant source in your life that guides you toward embracing your true self and connecting you to your life's purpose.

When I started Bitter Grace a few years ago, I was longing for community. I was learning new things and growing personally and professionally. I wanted to be around like minded hearts, committed to their growth journeys.

I wanted to start thinking and doing things differently.

I wanted to feel expanded in my relationships.

I wanted to build and create the business and life I love.

The Inner Elegance Circle was created with this desire in mind. The intention to help awaken you to your true nature and connect you to your purpose. It is a safe container that allows you to feel supported and expanded in all areas of life, while also building meaningful relationships along the way.

My wish is for Inner Elegance to be a source of hope, inspiration, connection, and grace that helps you strengthen your faith and shift your perception on what’s possible for you. It is a conduit that enables you to gain clarity on who you are and who you want to become.

How would it feel if you have relationships that made you feel supported and expanded?

How would it feel if you created space each day to do the things that bring you joy?

How would it feel if you had clarity on who you aspire to be?

Part of my growth edge has been through connection and learning through other people’s experiences that helped me see things differently. It is through story-telling that continues to empower me to reimagine what life can be and what it could be in the future.

Here’s what I want you to know…

YOU matter.

You have inherent value with gifts and wisdom that are only unique to you that deserves to be shared in this world.

Don't shy away from who you are meant to become.

To join or learn more about the Inner Elegance Circle, visit our website here.



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