Ethical Manufacturing - What is it?

Here’s the facts….

There's always someone behind the creation of every clothing piece you have.

This ‘someone’ is a person - a mom, daughter, father, son, etc. - whose life matters simply because they are a human being like you.

The next time you stumble into a piece of clothing that you find inexpensive, the person making that didn’t get a fair wage.

For us at Bitter Grace, ethical production goes beyond offering fair wages and a clean and safe environment. It is creating and cultivating an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and growth that enables one to develop their skills. Furthermore, it is promoting a sense of belonging and connection that brings joy, love, and greater purpose in the work they do.

Our manufacturing process is the intention to promote quality craftsmanship over volume, while being mindful of the social impact from our choices that can impact future generations.

There are 7-10 women in Colombia behind our small production. Through our designs, they each have learned new skills such as new stitching approaches and the ability to put together a garment that used to take one full working day to now being able to assemble two of the same design in one day. Our quality assurance process has helped each of them strengthen their attention to detail skills that have led some of them to move into different roles as learning and growth opportunities.

The opportunity to connect with the women and to hear their stories has been the most rewarding. They each inspire us to find joy in the process and remind us of the opportunity cost at stake from our choices. Their voices are a reminder that the work we do is greater than ourselves that impacts women, families, and communities around the world. It fuels our desire to promote greater awareness and to leave the world better than we found it, especially in the arena of fashion and the way in which we value clothing today.

Sustainable change begins with us.

It begins with you and the choices you make today.

Here’s a short video of some of the women behind the creation and production of our garments and why the work we do means the world to us.

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